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Time Capsule

Time Capsule

This is a time capsule made from stainless steel, it has been filled with items that the children from a local school think will be of interest to children in 30 years time. After they packed it, it was returned to us for sealing, we packed the end of the cylinder with heat insulation and welded the cap into place forming a water tight joint, good for more than 30 years.

If your school would like to do a similar project please contact us to discuss your needs, we can manufacture a capsual of any size to suit whatever you wish to be "sent into the future



The Gas Lifter

The Gas Lifter

This is currently being developed in partnership with a welding supplies company.

It is designed to eliminate the risk of injury to welding plant operatives whilst handling gas bottles. A gas bottle is considerably heaver than the 25Kg limit for manual handling but there is currently no other way of getting a new gas bottle on to the platform of a welding set other than to lift it by hand. This device will enable the operator to carry out the task single handedly with no risk.



KS2955 Net Loader

KS2955 Net Loader



For loading Elasticated Meat Netting onto stainless steel tubes, used by many major meat packers.

Do you supply meat netting but can’t get in at the big meat packing plants because your competitors supply “free machines”?

We all know they are not free! The original cost of the machine is simply added to the selling price of the net over a contracted period.

Would you like to be able to do this? We may be able to help.

This specialist machinery is manufactured from polypropylene and 304 stainless steel here in the UK.

We have been manufacturing this type of machine for over 15 years.

Usually available from stock, it can be modified if required for other applications and built to order.




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